Dreams and Shoulders

Last night I had a very long dream about not getting the right yarn at Michael’s to make baby blankets.  I was looking and looking, but no color had enough to make a blanket.  I looked in every bin, more than once, and no one could help me.  Every time I thought I had it, I’d find out it was the wrong color or still not enough.  I’m sure this dream is supposed to tell me something, but all it did was make me want to go to Michael’s to buy yarn. And I already have two projects in that arena to work on.

My shoulder has been in constant spasm since Monday. Which is tiring, and painful.  Not largely painful, but constant, which I think may be worse.  I’m taking muscle relaxants to try to get it to relax, and it hasn’t so far.  Heating pad time, massages–they’re working a little bit, but this has to go away soon.  So maybe the dreams came from the muscle relaxants in my system.  Either way, it was a weird dream.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at AWP this week, finally in my town! First, some crazy days of work since I was medicated yesterday and sat in my recliner all day.

One thought on “Dreams and Shoulders

  1. That sounds like a Flexeril dream to me. I took Flexeril for a few months for muscle spasms, and I could always count on simultaneously vivid and mundane dreams.

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