Yes, this has been a difficult August to keep up with deadlines. I have deadlines at work, deadlines with poetry, deadlines with other work, and deadlines on house projects.  The challenge is not getting down by the things that really want me to stay down–poetry rejections in the mail, roadblocks to success at work, distractions (however pleasant) at home, and distractions (not so pleasant) at home.  Lemonade syndrome.  So I’m trying to find the lemonade (and in some cases, margaritas) in each of these spaces.  I will write 31 poems, even if I have to seep into September.  I will continue to send the work out, because I believe in it.  I will overcome the challenges at work with ruthless efficiency. I will only see one dirty corner of my house at a time.

So, for those few who read this, I promise the poems to you.  But they are coming ground, not air.


In other good news, my dog, who has been sick with an autoimmune disorder, finally came off of one of her three immunosuppressants.  Yay for fewer pills down the throat, and yay for a smaller vet bill.

2 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. You are not a slacker. Slacker is the last word that would ever apply to you. You are the hardest worker I have ever known. If it takes until September to write your poems, then it takes as long as it takes…You are writing. That is what matters. Love reading anything you write.

  2. ditto Kristina’s comments. Don’t let Sue be sucked away by the deadline demons. No one dies or gets wounded beyond bureaucratic bruising if a supposed deadline passes. A writer must write. That is all…

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