I am heartened by the two rejections in the mail this week: a very nice “no thank you” (great ms, not a great fit for this press), and a “your ms was a semifinalist.”  More and more I believe Little Oblivion will find its home.  I want to stay with it, though, while at the same time I want to take care of its younger siblings.  The balancing act is an interesting one, with the “old shoe” of Oblivion, the still-somewhat-raw new Gravity manuscript, and then enters the babies, these new “Photograph” poems, with which I’m still not really sure what I’m doing, except trying to establish a consistent lyric voice.

The good part: I’ve got a lot on the poetry to-do list.

One thought on “Slowly

  1. Hear hear! I totally get what you’re feeling at the moment . . . wanting to move on from one project on to another, and it seems you’re doing it.

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