ENG 102: Children's Fantasy Literature

Welcome to English 102. This will be the main page for many links throughout the quarter. The links below will take you to the main components of the course. As the course progresses, different assignments and handouts will be posted. Please keep checking for new updates. All materials will be distributed in class, but if you miss a class or lose a handout, this is the place to re-print it.

Syllabus--Information on the course policies,texts, assignments, grade distribution, etc.

Winter 2003 Calendar--A day-by-day calendar of class activities and homework assignments. Note that this calendar is subject to changein class, so please be in class and attentive to any changes that I might mention.

Assignment Descriptions

List of Books for Final Project

Close Reading--This is the first essay assignment.

Contextual Analysis--This is the second essay for the quarter, and requires you to use other sources.

Comparative Analysis--The third essay for the quarter pushes you to think beyond just one text, and consider how different themes, images, and larger issues present themselves in multiple texts to show us something more about those issues. You will also learn how to do basic research during this assignment.

Helpful Handouts

Introductions and Conclusions--This page gives some pointers (and uses itself for an example) of how to write effective introductions and conclusions.

Citing Sources--This page gives tips on how to choose whether to directly quote, paraprhase, or summarize information from a source, as well as basic information on creating a works cited page in MLA style.

In-Text Citation--This page helps explain how and why we use in-text (parenthetical) citation in MLA style. It also leads to some information on creating a works cited page.