ENG 102: Children's Fantasy Literature

Course Schedule

UPDATED 1/20/03

Week 1

M 1/6

Introduction to course and each other.  Introduction to analysis.  HW:  Buy books.  Write one page on what you read as a child (or what was read to you)

T 1/7

Introduction to fantasy literature (not a lit class).  HW:  Read ch. 1 and 2 of Writing Analytically (WA) by Friday 1/10.  Do the “Try This” exercises on p. 8 and 10. 

W 1/8

Active Reading discussion.  Final project explanation.  HW:  Begin exploring some of the titles on the list in your journal (3). 

Th 1/9

Introduce 10 on 1 idea.  HW:  Finish reading ch. 1 and 2. 

F 1/10

Discussion of ch. 1 and 2 and reading journal assignment.  HW:  Write a page exploring what roles you see magic playing in literature. 


Week 2

M 1/13

Analysis vs. Opinion:  discovery not conclusion (“So What?”).  HW:  Read ch. 3 and 5 in WA due Friday 1/17.  Begin James and the Giant Peach (JGP) p. 1-31.  Respond to this (following steps in ch. 2 of WA) in journal

T 1/14

Conventions found in literature: character and archetype, irony, etc.  HW:  Write one page analyzing your favorite villain from a children’s book (see handout for more info)

W 1/15

Introduction to first assignment.  HW:  Read JGP 32-65.  Write in journal.

Th 1/16

10 on 1 vs. 1 on 10 discussion and examples.  HW:  Write two lists of 10 on 1 you see in JGP so far. 

F 1/17

Discussion of Ch. 2 and 5. Exploring JGP in terms of thesis.   HW:  Read JGP 65-105.  Write in journal.  Begin developing possible theses for essay. 


Week 3

M 1/20

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  No classes.  Ch. 4 in WA due on Friday. Hand in possible theses on Tuesday. 

T 1/21

Thesis discussion and workshop.    HW:  Read JGP 106-146.  Begin first draft of essay. 

W 1/22

Discuss JGP.  HW:  First draft due tomorrow; bring three copies. Write one page introducing the book you’ve chosen for your annotated bibliography, and why you think you want to read, analyze, and research it. 

Th 1/23

First Draft discussion/Workshop.  Deadline for choosing a book for final project.  HW:  Write one page introducing the book you’ve chosen for your annotated bibliography, and why you think you want to read, analyze, and research it.  Work on developing JGP essay. 

F 1/24

Ch. 3 due.  Discuss thesis development and expanding ideas.  .  HW:  Complete revised draft; bring in three copies.



Week 4

M 1/27

Revised draft due.  Do saying and doing exercise with them.  Workshop.  HW:  Write up a summary of comments for group members.  Ch. 4 in WA due on Friday.

T 1/28

Revision tactics: how to keep your essay one of discovery/analysis, instead of argument.  HW:  Write revised draft. 

W 1/29

Final draft due.  Introduce Essay 2.  HW:  Begin reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (LWW) p. 3-76.  Write in journal.

Th 1/30

Writing using research.  HW:  Finish reading ch. 4. 

F 1/31

Discussion of ch. 4.  HW:  Read LWW 77-133. Write in journal. 


Week 5

M 2/3

Continued discussion of research.  HW:  Read ch. 6 and 7 in WA.

T 2/4

Discuss LWW so far—Repetitions, anomalies, etc.  HW:  Write an interpretation of a repetition in this book so far. 

W 2/5

Finding out your own ideas.  HW:  Read handouts on CS Lewis and LWW. 

Th 2/6

HW: Read LWW p. 134-189.  Write in journal.  HW:  Write two paragraphs in which you have your own ideas and support them with the handouts. 

F 2/7

Discussion of ch. 6 and 7.  HW:  Write possible theses and list of ideas to support those theses. 


Week 6

M 2/10

Summary, Review, Analysis:  How to differentiate. HW:  Write a 50 word summary of LWW.  Write a 100 word analysis of it.  Read Ch. 8 in WA.

T 2/11

Discuss LWW. HW:  Begin reading Harry Potter (HP) 1-112; due Th 2/20.  Write in journal.  Begin writing first draft.  

W 2/12

Putting together criticism with your own ideas.  HW:  Finish first draft.  Bring three copies. 

Th 2/13

First Draft Due.  Workshop.  HW:  Write comments for classmates; revise draft. 

F 2/14

Revision tactics.  Quoting, paraphrasing, citing.  HW:  Revise essay. 


Week 7

M 2/17

No class--President's Day. HW: Continue working on draft.

T 2/18

Revised draft due.  Workshop.  HW:  Write comments for group members; bring copies to class.  Read ch. 7 in WA. 

W 2/19

Editorial suggestions:  Paragraph structure and organization.  HW:  Finish final draft. 

Th 2/20

Final draft due. Discuss  Annotated Bibliography.  HW:  Read HP p. 113-193.  Write in journal.

F 2/21

Works Cited/Annotated bibliography discussion.  HW:  Write a progress report for your final project. 




Week 8

M 2/24

Analytical comparison/Essay 3.  HW: Read ch. 9 in WA.   HW:  Write a list (a page) of possible comparisons between all these books (repetitions and representations)

T 2/25

Library Day.  HW:  Finish finding information on treasure hunt and for your final project. 

W 2/26

Research Day.  HW:  Finish HP p. 194-309.  Write in journal. 

Th 2/27

Research Day.  HW:  Write possible theses for essay 3, and choose one. 

F 2/28

Last Day to withdraw.  Research Day.  Write an outline of points for essay 3.


Week 9

M 3/3

Discussing Theses and development.  HW:  Read Ch. 10 due Friday. 

T 3/4

Discuss HP.  HW:  Develop ideas into first draft. 

W 3/5

Continue discussion of HP and other books.  HW:  Finish first draft. 

Th 3/6

First draft of essay 3 due.  Workshop.  HW:  Write comments for group members; bring copies to class. 

F 3/7

Discuss ch 10 and presentation requirements.  HW:  Revise essay. 


Week 10

M 3/10

Revised draft due.  Workshop.  HW:  Write a plan for revision, and carry out two things on that plan. 

T 3/11

Editing strategies.  HW:  Finish revising essay. 

W 3/12

Final draft of Essay 3 due.  Evaluations. HW:  Write outline for presentation. 

Th 3/13

Workshop outline for presentation.  HW:  Continue writing annotated bibliography, and preparing presentation.

F 3/14

Final portfolio questions. 


Week 11

M 3/17

Presentations.  HW:  Finish writing portfolio. 

T 3/18

Presentations.  HW:  Finish writing portfolio. 

W 3/19

Presentations.  HW:  Finish writing portfolio. 

Th 3/20

Presentations.  HW:  Finish writing portfolio. 

F 3/21

Presentations.  HW:  Finish writing portfolio. 


Finals are scheduled as follows.  We will continue presentations during the finals time, and you will turn in your final portfolio at that time. 

102.01 (8:00 a.m. class):  Monday, March 24 at 8:00 a.m.

102.02 (9:00 a.m. class):  Tuesday, March 25 at 8:00 a.m.



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